2018 is here and I endorse it with open arms.

For me 2017 was not the best year for me.

Sure it defintely had one pretty bloody good upturn to it. Which was of course starting my apprenticeship with British Airways, but besides from that everything else felt pretty hard going!

But, this isn’t a blog to rant and rave about every bad scenario. No. Because 2017 has passed. Yet, More of a blog to look back and reflect, analyse, learn then send this year off with a merry f****** goodbye!

2017 certainly started well.

Working hard in training for my up-and-coming road/time-trial season, doing well (grade wise) at school and steady home life; set me on the straight and arrow for 2017.

This was evident with an early result of 8th in my first road race, of the year. Earning me 9 BC points towards my second category race licence.

2 races after I went for a week training in Majorca (within my local cycling club) mainly to replace the ‘enjoyment’ factor back into my cycling, but also as a last minute endurance builder for later in the season.

My next race, and certainly one of my seasons highlight, was the May 3-day. This is a 3 day stage race, hosted by my local Surrey cycle racing league. Gruellingly tough, whilst attracting the attention of some pretty tough local competition. Whilst I didn’t pick up any significant result here. I finished. Which I as happy with. I took away with me a plethora of valuable experience and lessons of what to do and certainly…..what not to do in stage racing! :/

After the May 3-day it was pretty much full-blast! Racing two times a week. A Surrey League handicap race on a Thursday night, then a 2/3 category road race at the weekend. With the occasional, evening club 10-mile time trial thrown in…just for good measure. All in all a consistent run of 16-18 hour weeks with at least a third of that racing!

I really enjoyed this aspect of the season. I loved seeing and feeling the hard work, put over winter, pay-off and watch myself get stronger in races. I certainly tried every effort to put into practise what I had learned, as I managed to come: 2nd junior overall for the year (within the Surrey League) and 5th overall in the handicap series!

Another highlight (and something a bit more of significance), of my season had to be the Orro Tour of Sussex. I really really enjoyed this: 5 days, 6 stages, 1 ITT, 1 TTT and a brutal final stage lapping round and finishing up Beachy head! Here we got to experience what stage racing was all about, as things such as: recovery, warm-ups, warm-downs and team strategising played a crucial role in a chance of gaining success. Not to mention that it was held in July. When in the final stage, the temperature reached a rather uncomfortable 32 degrees celcius. As if it wasn’t tough enough already.

Like I say. They were the good parts.

21st August 2017. That was the ‘tougher’ bit. The day I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

But, thats all it was though….tough. I got through it. I’ve accepted my condition, I’m constantly learning about my condition and I’m adapting my condition to ensure it does not impede on my life.

End of.

So let me bring you to now.

It’s currently 21:44, January 1st 2018.

I’m an apprentice with British Airways as an aircraft engineer, 4.61 watts per kilo at my last FTP test, living away from home (happily) with some amazing people, 6.9% at my last Hba1c, blogging to an encapsulated audience of just over 9000 people and motivated like crazy to succeed this year.

I’ve got some exciting things planned for 2018. Majority of which I cannot disclose just yet. All I can say is, watch this space, because you’ll be seeing and hopefully reading A LOT more of these blogs!

Enough said. I’m out.

On a side note:

I was asked, by a reader, to include my 2017 top 3. So, here they are. Heres why; 1. Any challenge is temporary and will pass, leaving nothing but success in its wake   2. Friends and family are everything  3. Cake is life!


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